Sunday, July 26, 2009

Solange's BC...Work it Girl!

Hello all!

I was reviewing a few websites for hairstyles and Google'd one of my favorite artists, Solange. I almost spit out my water when I stumbbled on a picture of her rocking a low, low crop cut.

(Courtesy of:

I have to say, I was shocked, but pleasantly suprised too. I applaud her for taking such a drastic departure from her signature long locks. She looks great and thank goodness she's no longer a memeber of the Hollywood, 20 inch Virgin Wavy sew-in club. She has the attitude and face to make it work. I love her, I don't give a -uck attitude, so the BC is fitting for her.

I must say, I get a bit misty eyed looking at her cut, because it makes me nostalgic for my

So, let's talk...hate it, love it, undecided?

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  1. Thank you! God, I'm sick to death of the Hollywood fake hair crowd. It's not that I have a particular hate for sew-ins, but it's like a sista can't be anything in Hollywood or the music industry if she's not sporting some Indian girl's shaved off hair. Stop it already! Go, Solance. And Halle, I miss your short hair, too. It was beautiful to see YOUR hair.