Monday, July 27, 2009

My Lastest Look...Tree Braids

Happy Monday!

I am about a week overdue posting this, but I have been busy, busy.

Anywho...about a month ago, my hair decided to go on strike. No moisture, no curl definition, nothing... Every style I tried looked a hotseasoneddeepfriedmess. I was thisclose to wacking it off and rocking the Cassie. Plus, I was getting sick of batteling this unrellenting Texas heat and humidity, so for my sanity, I opted for tree braids. I had them last summer and I loved them. Easy styling and I gave me a low-no manipulation style that was good for my hair.

I went with synthetic hair, because it's cheap and the brand I use is a 90% deadringer for human hair. This look takes only 4 hours! The first few days, my forehead had that Botoxed look because my hair was TIGHT! Naturally, I was concered about my hairline because I know braids can be unforgiving, but the tension subsided and I can now frown normally.

I joked with my little sis, that my hair on day one, made me look like the Cowardly Lion after he visited the Land of Oz beauty shop...


  1. We wanna see pictures. And not of the cowardly lion!


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