Friday, April 10, 2009

Aloe Vera Gel = LOVE!


Lately, I've read so many great things about the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel, on various blogs and forums, that I had to try it. So, a couple weeks ago, I ordered some AVG from

When my package arrived, I was thrilled, yet perplexed on how to incorporate AVG into my hair regimen. I thought pure AVG would be thick and gelatinous, but to my dismay, it's watery with a slight congealed texture. Using AVG alone, didn't enhance my curls much, but I got decent frizz reduction and curl elongation.

I thought this stuff was destined for my PJ graveyard (***cough*** Curly Pudding ***cough***), but then it dawned on me...why not mix AVG with something from my PJ graveyard and Frankenstein a new product?! And that's exactly what I did...

Curlisto Control II gel, alone, never worked for me. It made my hair very stiff and left a slimy/gritty coating. However, a bottle of this stuff is $30, so I was determined to make it work. I took my Curlisto Control II Gel and mixed it with AVG to concoct the best twist out gel on the planet! I put this mix in an old jar, shake it up and apply to 2-3 inch sections of hair. I usually end up with 15-20 twists. After that, I apply a generous amount of shea butter to each twist.

My mix ratio is 2:1 (AVG:Curlisto Gel). This equates to approx 1/4 cup of AVG to 1 tablespoon of Curlisto gel. And this is what I get...

definition, hold, elongation, virtually frizz free, no-buildup...Can it get any better?! :))

(what I purchased...Photo courtesy of


  1. hey girl! i just found your blog, and i just wanted to tell you that those twists are good for natural hair. i'm natural, and i left my twists in for at least 4 months and my hair grew like hell. go for it!



  2. Thanks Vixen. I really want to try them. I haven't heard any horror stories (i.e. breakage) with ladies that have twists.

  3. That was creative of you! I hate to waste things too. YOu can also mix aloe vera gel with shea butter. I prefer that to plain shea butter because its softer.

  4. My favorite AVG. Your hair is gorgeous. I say your AVG:Curlisto mix is a winner.

  5. aloe vera in general has a lot of benefits. its useful in many problems in many ways. i read this article on Aloe Vera n its really good.. try it.. it could help..
    in short i am in lov with it :)

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  6. Maturenatural - Thank you for the compliment.

    Jasmine - I love AVG. Thanks for the suggestion on the article, I'll do more research.