Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking the Plunge...Afro Twists

Happy Sunday :)))

While pondering the complexities of life and online shopping. I decided to check out one of my favorite blogs, The Life of Ambrosia. While scrolling down her first page, I stubbled upon a pic of her rocking some fierce kinky twists. That pic lead me to the following thoughts...

With humid Texas weather right around the corner, I have been thinking more and more about functional, healthy and humidity-proof styles for me, and kinky twists is one option I am seriously considering. Spring and summer in Texas can be brutal on natural/curly hair, because humidity is a mother-shut-yo-mouth!

I can't tell yall how many gorgeous twist-outs, of mine, have been clobbered by humidity. There's nothing worse that perfecting the bomb twist out in your bathroom mirror, then taking a walk outside to your car, look in the mirror, and end up with....
(No ma'am!)

The only caveat for me is my temples. I have fine hair, especially at my temples, and I am worried that adding tension and weight in the form of braided extensions will make matters worse. However, my braider is fab, and accomdates my requests, so I'm sure that if I ask her to go easy on my edges, she will oblige. Moreover, I really need and want a fly look for Spring and Summer, and a protective style like kinky twists, would be great for length retention.

So I said all that to say, this spring I will take the pluge and give kinky/afro twists a try. I don't want rope/mop looking twists, or the kind of twists that make me look like I'm five yrs old, but more along the lines of a natural fluffy twist out (a la Naturally Leslie).I've got a folder on my laptop dedicated to kinky twist styles, so I know what I want. Can't wait to try them.

(Dream twists...Photo courtesy of Khamit

Ladies, those of you that have done kinky twists, how did they turn out? Share your stories and advice(good/bad/horrific). Did you achieve growth, length retention, breakage, matting, dryness, etc... Share :)

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  1. I just did kinky twists. I LOVE them. It was my first time using this type of hair (kinky bulk.) I love how natural it looks and feels. Unlike hair of the past, this type really takes shape and does not have that overly glossy look and feel, which helps in keeping the twists in without slippage. It's been so long since I did hair, I forgot how much they cost, but I am in Canada and I paid $10/pk and used 2 packs, 4 bundles of hair in total. Since I did them myself, my hair only cost me $20 and I am in love.