Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lustrasilk Twist Out - Day 4

Boy oh boy!

Could Lustrasilk Olive Oil Conditioner be my HG styling product? These Day 4 photos suggest that it might be. So much sheen, body, softness, no build up, virtually tangle free and styling versatility! Curly nirvana... ;)

(Can you see my two hair textures?)

Nightly routine (usually takes me 20-25 minutes):
1. Spray CD Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner on a 2-3 inch section of hair
2. Detangle a section with my fingers or wide-tooth comb
3. Apply a dab of Lustrasilk, mixed with a dab of Castor Oil to section (dab = pea sized amount)
4. Two strand twist to ends
5. Apply duck-bill clip at root of each section
6. Seal ends with another tiny dab of Castor oil
7. Roll each section on a purple perm rod or grey color flexirod
(purple = tighter curl and grey = looser curls)
8. Cover hair with bonnet
9. Nighty nite :)


  1. I might seriously consider trying after seeing your results...your hair looks beautiful and healthy;-)

  2. Thank you. You really should try it. Lustrasilk is cheap and a jar lasts forever. My hair feels so much softer and I don't have a lot of frizz and tangles on my ends like I usually do when I two strand twist. Also, when I twist I usually end up with a curly 'fro but now my hair has a more curly 'styled' look. I believe the combo of Lustrasilk, detangling each section I twist, and castor oil on the ends is key for me.

  3. When you twist do you do single twists or straight back twists like cornrows?

  4. I do single twists. Tried cornrow styled flat twists too but my hair is fine and I didn't like them.

  5. very very lovely. when it gets warmer i will try this style.

  6. GoldenAh - Thank you for the compliment. It's a great technique to try.