Friday, March 6, 2009

Natural Product Haul


My products are finally here. I have been waiting soooo long to try unrefined shea butter and pure cocoa butter.

After a month-long fiasco with USPS botching the delivery of products from four vendors, I decided to give Snowdrift Farm, of Tuscon, AZ a try. I thoroughly reviewed their website, and even did a test call to customer service before I placed my order. Another reason I selected this company is the fact that they use UPS not USPS.

Snowdrift Farm sells everything us naturals and curlies need, aloe, butters, oils, and natural additives to make sundry curly concoctions. And most of their products are competitively priced with other popular natural vendors. I will say, if anyone decides to give this company a shot, just be sure to read all the product information they offer. Several products (i.e. oils and some butters) are full of the no-no ingredients like parabens, waxes and cones.

I ordered 1 pound each of Unrefined Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and 16 oz of Jojoba Oil. Grand total with shipping = less than $40 (not bad IMO).

My parcel arrived Monday, but the procrastinator in me didn't take pics of my haul until tonight. All of my items were clearly marked and packaged beautifully. They even took the time to put my Jojoba in a plastic baggie :) Also, included was some herb and an oil that I've never heard of. Based on the smell of both items, they are clearly from a plant in the nether regions of the For a minute, I thought it was catnip!

Thanks to some of my fellow natural/curly bloggers, I have a couple of Whipped Shea Butter and Cocoa butter recipes that I might try.

Updates to follow this Spring...

(Shea butter on left)

(Weird herbal freebie stuff)

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  1. *drools* i could SO use some of this by the bundle right now, lol.