Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dominican Blowout


I have heard good and bad reviews on the Dominican blowout technique. I would like to try it because, I heard the only heat invovled is from the smoking hot hooded dryer and stylists employ the roundbrush technique - which is an art unto itself, and the good ol' doobie wrap.

Based on my research, the Dominican blowout is really popular on the East Coast, and unfortunately here in the South, good natural hair stylists, let alone a Dominican stylist, are scarce. Plus, I've read rave reviews on BHM regarding the Dominican/Hispanic hair products. So my inner PJ is itching to try Lacio Lacio, Silcon Mix and Miel y Leche.

Any curlies out there that have opinions and feedback on the DB?


  1. I did the Dominican blow out for years. My hair grew longer but thinner. It involves flat ironing your hair too. Too be honest, it's just too much heat to do on a regular basis. If you are in Atlanta, Sula and Lily are great stylists that are Dominican and have there own shops.

  2. Thanks for the information. I was curious if all the heat they use is really good for natural hair.

  3. Heard of it a lot but never had one done.

  4. My stylist is Dominican, but she doesn't use the "roll brush" which can be detrimental to relaxed hair. And her hair drier is never extremely hot. I did go to a Dominican salon and all the ladies there had a load of hair. I think the Doobie is a safer alternative. It involves setting and then wrapping the hair without the harsh heat. My hair has grown a lot and getting stronger, though. DC is loaded with Dominican shops! I think it depends on who you go to.