Friday, February 27, 2009



Essential oils are dangerous when applied, undiluted, to facial skin. How do I know?

Backstory... On Tuesday, I noticed the emergence of an itty-bitty zit on my chin. I was determined to banish it in two days or less, because I am attending my friend's birthday dinner party this Saturday. It's the highlight of my February every year, because it gives me and my girls an excuse to dress up and drink :P Anywho, I began aggressively attacking this zit with a combo of Tazorac and pure tea tree oil. BAD IDEA!

Fast forward to Friday... Tell me why, when I wake up the skin on my right side, adjacent to my lower lip is swollen like I was stung by a bee?!?! I applied ice the area, praying that the swelling would subside, and then rubbed raw aloe vera on the spot. At 8am the area was swolen but flesh 1pm the same area was cranberry red, crusty and splotchy. It looks like I burned myself :(
So embarrasing, to be stuck at work and have people looking at your face like "wtf is up with her face". Oh, and concealer is a joke when you have a chemical burn (it stings). Thus, I simply had to grin and bear it today.

Diva Readers...please exercise caution with essential oils (especially if your skin is muy sensitivo like mine). Do not apply them directly to your face, instead dilute EO with carrier oils like Sweet Almond or Jojoba, then apply.

I learned this lesson the hard way. Now, I have swing by Whole Foods, good times :( , tonight to get Calendula cream, and pray that I can clear up my Hazmat facial incident by 7PM tomorrow.


  1. Aww hope it's cleared up by now. I had this huge pimple too and found the pure tea tree oil and saw that warning about diluting it. I was like, Can it really be that bad? I ended up finding some tea tree oil that was specifically for your face and just got that instead.

    Thanks for the warning though because I was really tempted to try the pure tea tree oil without diluting it.

  2. Girl with Curl - LOL! Yes, tea tree is very strong. Especially if you have sensitive skin or are using prescription face products like me. My face looks 10x better than it did on Friday (back to flesh color but still tender). That Calendula gel I bought works pretty good.