Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Henna Happiness!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

My henna is here :)))) After a month long fiasco with USPS, I finally received my Jamila Henna and Cassia Obovata from HennaSooq.
Side note: USPS is wackadoodle, but HennaSooq's owner made it happen. HennaSooq's customer service is exceptional. Every email I sent was responded to, and my package included a sheet of instructions on how to mix henna, cassia, and other Ayurvedic hair products.

I ordered 300 grams (3 boxes) of Jamila and 200 grams (2 bags) of Cassia. Since I've been waiting an entire month to try Jamila henna, I've collected quite a bundle of shed hair to use as a sample.

Cassia in the shiny packets - love the green background for St. Patty's day? :)

Tonight, I will wash my hair with Bentonite (a first), do a deep condition with honey and coconut milk, and mix up a full batch of henna. In the morning, before I leave for work, I will take my shed hair bundle and test the henna color. Then tomorrow night, I will do the full henna treatment. Based on the dye release, I will probably keep it on my hair for 3-4 hours (I don't want to be up working on this till midnight). Currently, my hair, in sunlight, glows dark brownish red, but goal is a deep rich burgundy/brown.

More updates and pics to come...


  1. ^^^ I am so excited about this henna. I've heard really great things about it's dye release.

  2. Thank you for the referral. I adore your pictures and your hair is gorgeous!!! What a sweet post to come acrosss.
    Someone was coming after me online and attacked our websites recently, so I was browsing online to see if anyone was having trouble with our websites, just in case.
    Well you know me now right? I try my best to make it happen!
    Thanks for being SO patient too!

    Much love and peace