Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bentonite Baby!


The acronym above, truly echos my sentiments on Bentonite Clay. Last night, in preparation for my Jamila Henna treatment, I washed my hair for the first time IN MY LIFE :)) with Bentonite Clay. I purchased my jar from Mother Nature. I was skeptical that a jar of grayish-green dust could really do anything for my hair, but as a die hard PJ, I gave this stuff a shot.

I followed the instructions on the jar, nothing fancy. Just ACV, tap water and a shot of Jojoba oil. Well, after the initial splatterfest of clay and goo all over my bathroom mirror, I finally got the mix to be the consistency of thick pancake batter. I stepped in the shower and smeared this goo on my hair from roots to tips. (I thought henna was heavy on my scalp, but it pales in comparison to the lead weight of Bentonite clay.) After a series of Bentonite glamour shots, twenty minutes passed and I rinsed out the clay.

Let me tell you, my hair was singing! My hair felt so silky and bouncy, and I didn't have to detangle one strand of hair. I was able to run my wide tooth comb thru my hair from root to end and no snarls - this was BEFORE I deep conditioned. Each curl was defined and elongated. Amazing!

My Recipe:

- 6-8 heaping Tbls of Bentonite
- 1/4 c ACV
- 1/2 c tap water
- 1 capful Jojoba oil
Mix until it's smooth like
Apply to hair
Work in throughly
Let it sit for 20 minutes
Rinse out throughly in the shower - I don't have thick hair and I rinsed for 10 minutes and still had residue behind my ears
Deep condition with whatever you like
Style as usual

Pics tonight...

(Not quite Bisquick yet)


  1. I keep hearing about this clay for a hair treatment, im going to have to try it.

  2. How long do the effects of the treatment last?

  3. The softness last until the next shampoo. The curl elongation lasts until my hair dried.

  4. i wanna try this so bad. tangles are an issue for me.

    one question though: is it like a shampoo method? or just a pre-DC step? i often get confused on whether it's a hair treatment method or a clarifying/cleansing method for hair.

  5. Now i'm really going to have to try this stuff out. Thanks