Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Review: Carol's Daughter Tui Leave-In

Uh-oh :(

The saying goes, "your first mind is your best mind", and I should have heeded that advice this weekend, because all I can say now is, "Dang it!".

On last Friday, I noticed that I was about to run out of my beloved CD Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner (CDBVLIC). So, Saturday, I made a jaunt to Sephora at the Galleria Mall to re-up my CDBVLIC supply.

As a die-hard PJ, I wouldn't dare re-purchase the same thing twice, so being extra, I opted for the CD Tui Leave-In Conditioner. I should have known better... the sales rep (who was fantastic by the way) told me that CDBVLIC was specifically for dry hair, and CDTLIC was geared toward normal-to-dry hair. Why didn't I listen? I purchased the CD Tui Leave In, and I really regret it - here's why...

  • Lingering 'old fruit' smell in my hair
  • Takes 3x more sprays of Tui vs. Black Vanilla on a section of hair to detangle and moisturize
  • My twist and curl isn't as defined - more fluffy frizz when I am styling
  • Dare I say... light residue?!!?

  • This product doesn't earn a full middle finger, but definitely a thumbs down. I felt like I was spraying fruity scented water on my hair. Tui Leave-In is definitely not for dry 3c/4a/4b hair. As soon, as I get some time this week, you better believe I'll be at Sephora exchanging this stuff for my good ol' CD Black Vanilla Leave-In.

    Overall Rating:


    1. Oh wow...I had the same reaction to this stuff!! To be honest the only reason I purchased the spray was because I loved the smell of the oil...but oddly enough they don't smell exactly the same. But the leave-in spray did make my hair feel a bit drier than usual...still have a full bottle left:-(. If you say the Black Vanilla is worth a try...I think I might give it a go...

    2. Yeah, I bought the Tui spray because I loved the smell of the oil too. Very disappointed! IMO the Black Vanilla works for my hair. Add moisture and get the kinks out.

    3. I love the black vanilla leave in. It does wonders for my hair:)

    4. I've used the tua hair oil, because of the smell.

    5. ^^^See I liked Tui oil because of the smell too, but the leave-in...not so much :)