Friday, January 16, 2009

One in A Million

Dear Aaliyah:

Happy Birthday Babygirl!

It's been 8 long years since you left this Earth. The day I heard the news, my heart broke in two and cried. Today you would have been 30!

I miss your style, dance moves, voice, spirit and edgy individuality. You were the only "idol" I had as a teenager, because you and I were so much alike - tall, slender, long hair, singers, and Capricorns. I wanted to be just like you, because in my eyes you were THE epitome of cool and grace. I have every CD you published, and know the words to EVERY song. The game hasn't been the same since you left us and NO ONE can take your place. I know you would have set the world on fire, because your candle was only beginning to glow; yet sadly, your life was taken away.

I carry your memory and spirit in my heart, and dance with wild abandon when I hear your songs and see your videos. Even now, when I think of you I smile, then sigh, in despair wishing you were here to grace us with your talent and beauty. What we lost when you left us cannot be expressed in words - only tears and memories. I am a of yours for the rest of my life.

May God bless your family, friends, and fans.

Rest in Peace Babygirl! YOU ARE ALWAYS ONE IN A MILLION!

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