Saturday, January 17, 2009


I wish I could give this mess the middle finger.

I bought Sephora's Bare Escentuals Exclusive Get Started Kit for $60. I was so excited to try this stuff the same night I bought it, so I fired up my laptop and popped in the DVD. Per the DVD instructions, included in the kit, I used a literal "sprinkle" of the mineral powder and lightly buffed it on my face. Although coverage is decent, I ran into 3 major problems.

1. After 5 minutes of wear, the color morphed to a hideous reddish orange. Never had a tan in my life (don't need one either), but after application I glowed carrot orange. Hideous and embarassing.
2. Too many steps and brushes. Sprinkle, swirl, tap, buff, set....damn I DO have a life and a job to tend to!
3. Gave me breakouts on my forehead, cheeks, and nose! No explanation needed.

I took this -ish back to the store after 2 weeks, and suddenly my face cleared up. A kit of overpriced crap!


  1. I'm enjoying your blog and couldn't resist commenting on this! I bought this mess, too! I bought mine from Ulta and took it right back! The lady at the counter sat with me to try to find good colors for my complexion...she told me that orange look gave me a beautiful glow. Um, no.

  2. LMAO!! Beautiful glow?! I am glad that you are enjoying my blog. I am having fun with it. Thank for following.

  3. See...I am sooooo glad you stopped by my blog. I was going to buy this stuff. Ohhhh I'm so glad I looked around your place and saw this. Orange glow huh!!

  4. Mizvett - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes....very orange.