Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Loved Forever

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Michael Jackson defined the 1980s.

To me, he was the epitome of pop music, dance, innovation and showmanship. I remember as a little girl, MTV would play a marathon of all his videos on Saturdays, and as a loyal fan, I didn't miss one video.

Although he's known for many things, including the groundbreaking Moonwalk, what resonates in my mind is his voice. Michael could sing! His skill at phrasing and pulling every ounce of emotion out of a verse is what set his music apart from the din of 80s pop artists. He made every song of his special and memorable.

I loved Michael, as a fan. He held a special place in my heart. My sister and I had the Moonwalker movie on VHS, and watched it so much that some parts wouldn't play. In spite of the problems that plagued him in his final years (weird to type that), he touched so many lives throughout the world.

The saying is that we all are more alike than different, and nowhere did that statement ring more true than in the case of MJ. Show anyone, anywhere in the world a picture of MJ, and 95% of them will know who he is. That says so much for his global impact and relevance.

A era and global legend is gone, but his music and talent live forever. God Bless the Jackson family!


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