Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water Incorporated...with Locs


I love the TV ads for Vitamin Water. They have a new-ish series of spots that feature Vitamin Water's rival, Water Incorporated. The spots feature Water Incorporated CEO and Founder, Mother Nature, in the home office working with an assortment of woodland creatures. The ads are hilarious to me, especially the spot featuring Frank the Rabbit requesting his 34th paternity leave of the year.

What truly peaked my interest in this commercial series, is Mother Nature's hair. I was plesantly surprised to see a sista featured with loc'd hair. Usually, African-American women in TV ads sport curly or relaxed hair, so it was refreshing to see a loc'd woman.

Check out Water Incorporated's "company" website, and watch Mother Nature reviewing "corporate" policies.


  1. Yeah that was cute :) I haven't seen any of the commericals on tv though.

  2. The 'character feature videos' have me rolling. I love stuff like that.