Friday, February 13, 2009

Straighten It Out

Today is the big day!

I'm going to my hair stylist for a wash, flat iron and cut. And when I say cut, I mean CUT. A couple months back, during my DIY blowdry and pressing comb session, I noticed that it took way too much effort to run a hot comb thru my ends. I was being timid and didn't bother to chop off those 1-2 inches of messness (my new word). And now, as I mentioned in an earlier post, my hairstyles are paying the price. So, I am sure that I will be losing about 2-3 inches now :( Currently my hair is about SL when straight, and after the cut I am sure I'll be back at mid neck length AGAIN. Oh well, it's all in the name of healthy hair and growth.

The only thing that I am not looking forward to is sitting in that shop for 3-4 hours, on Valentine's Eve. But shooooot, there a mom-n-pop restaurant next door, so I'll take a 2 piece and a pepper and wait it out :)

Updates to come....

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