Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTF Hair

Not again!

Last night, I had the brilliant idea that I could achieve better curl definition, if I lightly pressed my hair before I flexirod set it. Soooooo, I co-washed my hair with Suave Tropical Coconut. Then I applied CD Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner and Smooth and Silky's Silkner. After that, I parted my hair into four sections (two at the top and two at the back). Next, I blowdried each section on a medium setting. Finally, I lightly pressed each section (not bone straight but enough to elongate it) and then twisted my all of my hair into 2-3 inch wide plaits, and set it on blue flexirods.

This is where it gets ugly...this morning I took my hair down and to my horror it was horrendous. Frizzy, no definition, no curls, and no sheen. I tried to retwist and re-wet my hair but just added fuel to the frizz fire. I worked at my hair for nearly an hour, this morning, trying to get some curl definition, but after each attempt, my hair looked dry and frizzy or just dry. Two screams and a dollop of Curlisto Control II Gel later, I ended up with...

No ma'am!

Curl elongation, definition and shape? Where art thou?

Lord, knows I hate wearing my hair pulled back (forehead issues), but seriously, what other options did I have? I sauntered in to work feeling like a hot seasoned mess, but 5 minutes into my work day, a coworker walks by and says, "You look cute today!" ***scratches forehead in bewilderment*** Ummm ok :\

My hair has been doing the fool the past couple weeks, and I really think it's trying to tell me one of three things.
1) It's time for a clarifying wash
2) Get a damn trim
3) Ease up on all the products

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