Saturday, February 14, 2009

Straighten It Out - Part 2

Ta Da!

I had my stylist shampoo, trim and flat iron my hair last night. As I mentioned in my Friday post, I thought I was going to lose a lot of length, but overall I only lost 2 inches. Now my hair is a little above SL with layers. On top of that, my hair is so fine that when it's straight all the body is lost (thanks Mom). My stylist used Pureology hair products and it made my hair look like silk when she was flatironing. She not only a great stylist, but an astute businesswoman too, because she sells retail hair products in her salon, and as the true PJ that I am, I purchased Pureology Instant Repair Leave In Conditioner. Can't wait to try it.

Overall, I am pleased with the final product, but I am already itching to go back to my natural curls and kinks. This straight hair makes me nervous LOL...

A little body thanks to jushing (sp?)


  1. Nice. I need a trim myself right about now.

  2. Thanks. I plan to get a trim at least every eight weeks. Maybe that will speed up my growth.