Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Not Soul Glo!

A Vent.....

Why oh why do men seem to think that natural hair is caked with rancid oils, activators, grease and other gooey crap? If I hear another, black man tell me that my Soul Glo, curls or napps are "dripping, oozing or rubbing off" on him I am going to smack him right back into his momma's womb!

Brothas, WAKE UP! We natural hair sisters DO NOT pile our hair full of useless, harmful and smelly products. If you weren't so wrapped up in your creamy crack ignorance, you would notice that nearly everything we put in our hair is edible and smells delicious. Hence the term NATURAL.

Maybe inhaling the scent of freshly processed sodium hydroxide-izd scalps has warped your senses so morbidly that when you get a whiff of the shea butter and coconut oil wafting from my hair, you just become incoherent babbling fools? Is that why your foot always looks so comfortable in your mouth?

For the record fellas: I love my hair even if you don't. So don't be mad if my 'fro brushes up against your face as I walk past you in Diva Strut Mode (I can't help it. It's how God made me.) One more thing, keep it coming with the ignorant/misinformed comments, because I just weed out brainwashed losers like you. And to all the brothas that do appreciate a Natural woman, please step up because we appreciate you.



  1. " So don't be mad if my 'fro brushes up against your face as I walk past you in Diva Strut Mode "

    LMAO..Diva strut!!!

  2. LOL...It's the only way to walk when you rockin' a 'fro.

  3. LOL fa real. There are so many misunderstandings.

  4. Sophia - It's the truth. My ex-boo would touch my hair and be like, "wow it's so soft"!