Monday, July 27, 2009

My Lastest Look...Tree Braids

Happy Monday!

I am about a week overdue posting this, but I have been busy, busy.

Anywho...about a month ago, my hair decided to go on strike. No moisture, no curl definition, nothing... Every style I tried looked a hotseasoneddeepfriedmess. I was thisclose to wacking it off and rocking the Cassie. Plus, I was getting sick of batteling this unrellenting Texas heat and humidity, so for my sanity, I opted for tree braids. I had them last summer and I loved them. Easy styling and I gave me a low-no manipulation style that was good for my hair.

I went with synthetic hair, because it's cheap and the brand I use is a 90% deadringer for human hair. This look takes only 4 hours! The first few days, my forehead had that Botoxed look because my hair was TIGHT! Naturally, I was concered about my hairline because I know braids can be unforgiving, but the tension subsided and I can now frown normally.

I joked with my little sis, that my hair on day one, made me look like the Cowardly Lion after he visited the Land of Oz beauty shop...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Solange's BC...Work it Girl!

Hello all!

I was reviewing a few websites for hairstyles and Google'd one of my favorite artists, Solange. I almost spit out my water when I stumbbled on a picture of her rocking a low, low crop cut.

(Courtesy of:

I have to say, I was shocked, but pleasantly suprised too. I applaud her for taking such a drastic departure from her signature long locks. She looks great and thank goodness she's no longer a memeber of the Hollywood, 20 inch Virgin Wavy sew-in club. She has the attitude and face to make it work. I love her, I don't give a -uck attitude, so the BC is fitting for her.

I must say, I get a bit misty eyed looking at her cut, because it makes me nostalgic for my

So, let's talk...hate it, love it, undecided?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uhhh...Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah - A Change of Pace

WTF is this -ish!

Of course this blog is dedicated to tresses, but the offense I am about to outline is so egregious that I had to make a slight departure today and post about this experience.

Today, I decided to swing by Micky D's to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch. As I pulled up to the drive-thru menu I spied a new fare option - The 1/3 Pound ANGUS BURGER. Normally, new menu items don't faze me, but I was starving yall, so I caved in and selected #14 - no mayo, no onions.

I live in Texas, home of the deep fried Oreo, Snicker and Twinkie, so you'd think that I'd be immune to greasy foolery, right? Wrong! Never in my life have I eaten something so greasy. I swore, I thought I was eating a stick of butter on a bun, with a side of fries. It's so greasy, that when I bite into it I can hear the tale-tell greasy squish. EWWW!

I had to cut this sucka in 1/2, and only ate 1/2 of it...I'm afraid to eat the other half. It's tasty but LAWD, I need to keep a portable defibrillator by my side when eating this. They should require people to supply a doctor's note, verfying a clean bill of health, before serving this Crisco Combo to anyone.

If you're watching your waist line, The 1/3 Pound Angus Burger is not your friend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Loved Forever

(Courtesy of

Michael Jackson defined the 1980s.

To me, he was the epitome of pop music, dance, innovation and showmanship. I remember as a little girl, MTV would play a marathon of all his videos on Saturdays, and as a loyal fan, I didn't miss one video.

Although he's known for many things, including the groundbreaking Moonwalk, what resonates in my mind is his voice. Michael could sing! His skill at phrasing and pulling every ounce of emotion out of a verse is what set his music apart from the din of 80s pop artists. He made every song of his special and memorable.

I loved Michael, as a fan. He held a special place in my heart. My sister and I had the Moonwalker movie on VHS, and watched it so much that some parts wouldn't play. In spite of the problems that plagued him in his final years (weird to type that), he touched so many lives throughout the world.

The saying is that we all are more alike than different, and nowhere did that statement ring more true than in the case of MJ. Show anyone, anywhere in the world a picture of MJ, and 95% of them will know who he is. That says so much for his global impact and relevance.

A era and global legend is gone, but his music and talent live forever. God Bless the Jackson family!


Monday, June 15, 2009

What Took Me So Long? Hello Hydration

Once again I am on the late bus :(

Yesterday, I was shopping at Wallyworld and felt the urge to wash my hair. Lately, it's been feeling dry and even after a mini-trim my ends still feel like crap. I think it's due to the heat and humidity we've been having in Texas this month. Also, I'll confess that lately I've gotten a bit lazy and haven't been twisting my hair every night. Instead, I clip it up into a high ponytail, tie on a scarf and lights out.

I've heard rave reviews from so many bloggers out there about Clairol's Hello Hydration. On many occasions, my intentions are to purchase a bottle, but each time I go to the store, I forget and come home empty handed.

Yesterday, my day of reckoning came - as I was coming out of ladies apparel, there...directly in front of me I espied the entire Clairol Herbal Essence product line! (You many wonder, "how in the world do you exit ladies clothes and end up in haircare?" This was one of those "concept" Wal-Mart stores, so the store floor plan is designed to be green or something and make products more accessible for customers. In this case the plan did it's job.) How could I resist? Excitedly, I pushed my buggy over to the display and damn near drooling, I picked up my first bottle of Hello Hydration Conditioner. My inner PJ wanted to buy a few other Hello Hydration products, but I held fast and only put HHC in my buggy.

Around 10-11PM last night, I co-washed with HHC. Yall...I'm in love! My hair had so much slip and felt luxurious. I was able to detangle, using my fingers and the conditioner stretched my curls more than any conditioner has ever done. I really didn't want to wash this goodness out of my hair, but I relented. I let my hair air dry and my curls really popped.

Today, I opted for a lovely puff ponytail with a cute floral/feather headband. My curls look so lush and shiny and the henna color is more prominent.

At $3 a bottle, I think I might give my pricey conditioners the boot.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Save 20% on Deva Hair Products has done it again. Another Deva Hair Products sale!

Save 20% all week on Deva Hair Products. Simply enter code DEVA20 at checkout!

Personally, I love DevaCare One Conditioner, so this sale gives me an excuse to stockpile the Set it Free that CurlyNikki raves about.

The sale ends this Saturday, so PJ's don't miss it.

Happy Shopping....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Natural Chica...Esperanza Spaulding


Have I been under a rock? Why have I been sleeping on former American Idol, Esperanza Spaulding?

This 23 year old prodigy is dynamic on the double bass fusing Neo-Soul, Brazilian and Jazz melodies. Her voice is light and clear with great control, and Esperanza's music is the key ingredient for a rainy day at home. After listening to her album, I felt as if I should be wrapped in a pashmina, drinking a Chai Latte.

Secondly, Ms. Esperanza's hair is FIERCE. The 'fro she rocks is so full of texture confidence and attitude. The fullness of her 'fro is what natural hair dreams are made of.

And in case you didn't know this 23 year old prodigy, is on the faculty of UC Berkley, teaching music (yes you read it correctly...the faculty). Get it girl!

Check her out performing live on the double bass...