Saturday, January 31, 2009

MY Louis Vuitton Must Have Bag...

While laying in bed this morning recovering from the flu, I decided to peruse the pages of ELLE (Feb 09). I almost lost it when I saw this bag...

Mind you, I usually don't give a rat's ass about Louis Vuitton or any designer bags because, IMO, they are really a dime a dozen. I am a connoisseur of originality and rarity. Seriously, why would I pay $1000+ for a "designer bag" that, on any given day, I will see on 10 people!? Pay $1000+ for 1000 people to carry the same bag?... I'll pass.

But I digress, this bag is HOTTTT. The front flaps are reminisent of Dior's signature saddle bag. Nonetheless, it's original and edgy enough for my taste and the hardware details are right up my alley. The shoes Madge are modeling are fiyah too! This bag might be enough to lure me into the LV fold.


  1. The heels on the shoe she is wearing are crazy.!

  2. Yeah! My ankles hurt just looking at them but they are bad azz.