Friday, December 19, 2008

Boogie Wonderland

Tonight, my little sister and I are going to her company's Christmas party. She's actually not little anymore, more like 24 going on 55.

I haven't been to an office shindig in quite some time. To make it easier on my slow fannie, we decided to get a room at the hotel where the party is being held, so that we can get ready. Thus I should have NO EXCUSE for being late. Plus, my sis and I will get to hang out after the event is over (we need more sis time anyway). I just pray she's not on her cell phone all night talking to some loser dude with an unpronoucable name.

I brought 3 dresses (from home of course - you know there's a recession), and one pant and blouse outfit, plus 3 different shoe options. I hate not being at home to get ready, so I overpacked. The only thing missing are my bling accessories. I am going to run to Steinmart, on lunch, and try to find a sparkly belt and clutch.

This should be an interesting party, considering I don't know a soul other than my sis. Oh well, drinks are free and that's good enough reason to PARTY!

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